Business Description

Bitzean is a social network where everyone can productively interact with one another. It functions similarly to other social media platforms. What sets us apart from the competition is that in return for their efforts, our customers earn a portion of the platform's revenues.

Bitzean is more than a social media platform. If you are looking to earn an extra income through social media, Bitzean is the right place Using online Ads, we will help you grow your company all over the world. We are convinced that there should be a system in place that can provide relevant Ads while still providing a business opportunity. The aim of Bitzean was to build winners/profit gainers through Ads

Scope of Services

Bitzean is an enterprise that runs Portal dedicated for communicating, making contacts and social relations as well as storing files and sharing by users their files to other people. As part of the Portal Bitzean provides the possibility of creating own business, in accordance with available Services, in particular:

1. Advertising of Services and products

2. Freelancing

3. Online Store

4. IT Solutions