5 reasons Barcelona should replace Ronald Koeman with a new coach

5 reasons Barcelona should replace Ronald Koeman with a new coach


Under Ronald Koeman, Barcelona has arguably appeared quite disappointing so far. In fact, the hashtag #KoemanOUT had echoed on social media in the past few days. All of that can not be separated from a series of bad results obtained by Barcelona in the last few matches.

As a result, Barcelona is currently only stuck in the eighth position of the LaLiga competition. Although it is still early in the competition, it is of course very disappointing for a team like Barcelona. Because of that disappointing performance, many think Barcelona should have fired the Dutch coach. Here are five reasons Barcelona should replace Ronald Koeman.


1. Unsuitable playing style
The appointment of Ronald Koeman as Barcelona's main coach was initially expected to make the team perform much better. The Dutch coach is required to be able to bring Barcelona to play attractively. However, Barcelona actually appeared mediocre under his leadership.

The mentality of wanting to always win in a match is not visible at all. All of this was judged because of Koeman's style of play which did not match the Barcelona players.


2. Bad treatment of players
During handling Barcelona, ​​how to train Ronald Koeman was a very serious concern. The reason is, the former Dutch national team coach often treats his players with disrespect. One example is the release of two star players, namely Luis Suarez and Miralem Pjanic.

In fact, both figures are very quality players on the field. In addition, Riqui Puig is also almost never given the opportunity to play. This is of course quite surprising considering Puig is one of the best graduates of La Masia in recent seasons.


3. Koeman has a bad relationship with Joan Laporta
Ronald Koeman's relationship with the current president of Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, is reportedly not very good. The two figures have issued statements against each other in recent weeks.

It all started with Laporta's desire to consider appointing a new coach this summer. Hearing this, Koeman was not happy and a war of words immediately broke out between the two figures.


4. Many alternative coaches for Barcelona
If Barcelona decides to end their partnership with Ronald Koeman in the near future, management will certainly have no shortage of options to choose a new coach. In fact, there are many better coaches who fit the club's philosophy. One of the names that is quite favorite is the coach of Ajax Amsterdam, Erik Ten Hag.

During his work at the Johan Cruyff Arena, the 51-year-old coach managed to make Ajax appear special in recent years. In fact, Ajax had a spectacular appearance in the 2018/2019 season when the team was able to advance to the Champions League semifinals. In addition, the name Xavi Hernandez is also considered very worthy to handle Barcelona.

5. There is no reason for Barcelona to keep Koeman
With poor results in recent matches and clashes with players and the president, there should be no reason for Barcelona to keep Ronald Koeman. Under his leadership, the club from Catalonia was arguably in quite a serious mess.

It would be better if the team decided to fire the Dutch coach and focus on rebuilding the team as soon as possible. The Barcelona squad itself this season is actually quite promising with a row of quality young players and veteran players who can still play at the top of the game. The drawback is the figure of a coach who cannot maximize the talents of the players.