You have the option of choosing one or the other

You have the option of choosing one or the other



It's a guard's life... the place to OSRS Gold start. Start at the police post between burthorpe and falador. Talk with the guard to ask if you could become a guard. The guard will say yes and ask for your interview. He'll ask questions regarding the right and wrong way to conduct yourself and then he will 2+2. After you have answered 4 questions, he will let you join the list of wanted people.

You have the option of choosing one or the other. There are a variety of possibilities that you can choose from: You can guard someone, follow the suspect, look into the scene of a crime, or locate an escape route for a thug and intercept a meeting between two people.

You will receive proper guards' armour every time you begin a mission. It's a basic white knight platebody with large plates and shoulders that are spiked. Additionally, you will receive guards' armor.

In addition, you'll earn points for playing the game. These points can be used to buy new ranks or armor, weapons or other items. It is only available in silver, black, or bronze bolts. Here are the following ranks including guard-in-training, new guy, deputy commander, soldier and warden. Customization is also possible (this allows you to use 7 number). and 23 characters)

You do not get any xp through these minigames except when you use combat. Please leave feedback and support. I'm sorry I couldn't properly capatalize, spell, and Buy RuneScape Gold punctuaize everything correcty. Thank you for reading!