Asmongold was very disappointed with the New World Beta

Asmongold was very disappointed with the New World Beta


Since Amazon launched the MMO New World Beta, this game has caused quite a stir, most of which are positive. But recently a Twitch star named Asmongold is not optimistic about the upcoming game. Some time ago, Asmongold shared some of his concerns about MMO, and he thinks it is too early for the game to be launched in late August.

After he experienced the New World Beta version, his perception of the game became even worse. He even referred to New World as "garbage." On a recent Twitch channel, Asmongold did not flinch when expressing his true feelings about New World based on the current beta version. Players can visit NewWorldCoins for more detailed information, and at the same time they can spend very little money to buy New World Coins.

Most of his criticism stems from the fact that Amazon is developing this game, which means it should be of higher quality. Asmongold said people need to look forward to better games. This game is made by the largest company in the world, and it shouldn't have so many errors.

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Despite being criticized, Asmongold eventually said that he believed that New World had hope. Specifically, he said that the core of the game is still something he thinks is good, but it needs some clear refinement. Asmongold said this game should be better, but for the people who made it, it is far below their expectations. This is embarrassing.

New World will Buy New World Coins land on PC on August 31, and the full release is expected to take place in one month. But in Asmongold's view, it remains to be seen whether the complete game of New World will eventually be better than the beta phase that has been online for a few weeks. If players want to know the latest information about MMO New World, welcome to visit NewWorldCoins.