I had been considering purchasing RuneScape gold

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I had been considering purchasing some pure ess and OSRS gold crafting laws. I've been chopping yews alot recently, and I am getting rather bored with that, so I'd love to do something else. Butif that's the ideal option, then that is fine I suppose. I don't care when I need to train a skill to get a little first. One of the first things I intended on instruction was theiving and fletching, therefore if people could earn money fast, allow me to know how? Furthermore, if you don't mind, what would be a good ability to train that will get me alot of money also, even though it takes a while to get there??

Hey guys, this is my first post. I love Sal's, and I especially love the pursuit manuals, but as I had been doing Shadow of the Storm I discovered there was something that the manual didn't cover. So here is the background: I chose to perform exactly the Shadow of the Storm quest so that I could move on to find a hellcat in the Recipe for Disaster quest (look quite cool by the way). After I logged out to have a break while I was in the throne room. Once I got back on, I appeared just outside the doors to the throne room.

I saw Evil Dave and Eric's corpse outside, but at this point a Jennifer must have been murdered by the ghosts. I went back into the throne room, and Jennifer is still walking around! Has anyone seen anything like this before? I really don't want to be too quick to assume it is a bug having to do with logging out, but I can't think of anything else. I figure another way to resolve this is to do the thing that players normally do recover a sigil that they have inadvertently dropped. Does someone have any hints, or is this quest now left uncompletable? Thanks Beforehand.

Well, I have been encouraged to GWD with my friend and his routine buddy. We will be doing Bandos and I am going to be murdering hobgoblins for my kc. However, the one problem is that I've just murdered the Zamorak General and not the Bandos general. I'm wondering what I should use, what my inventory must look like and what approaches I should use. A level 138 will probably be siphoned the melee hits. (Summoning cape) And my buddy gr cheese (RSN if you would like to check stats) will be doing damage. You've got a few choices: - Godsword if you have it's fantastic, it protects so you don't need to worry about losing it. Whip + obby shield/rune defender differently. You're able to bring complete veracs if you like, I reckon whips better, and cheaper if you perish.

You should probs judge your inventory in your partners - you can bring complete brews/restores, but its pointless if they're bringing mostly shark. But generally, about 8 restores, 8 sheds, a hammer, a zammy thing for KC, and a teletab, and the rest sharks or greater is great. You are able to swap a few food for cheap RuneScape gold brews in case your partners are bringing a great deal of brews.