Path of Exile-the resource loading problem should be solved

The developers of Path of Exile have been working hard to improve all aspects of the game.


The developers of Path of Exile have been working hard to improve all aspects of the game. And plan to release an update in the future to improve this situation by using video memory, so that the player is free from soap texture and other problems. If players want to enhance their strength in the game, then buying POE Currency is a very effective method.

Lack of video memory can severely disrupt gameplay. You may experience significant performance degradation or client crashes. In the past year, the guys at Grinding Gear Games implemented a technology that can offload unused resources, which has a positive impact on the use of video memory. This allows us to cope with FPS drops and crashes, but it leads to another problem with the storage time of resources in memory. The team also needs to make some other changes to make the system stable, and the stable system can enable you to get more POE Currency.

However, in the current version, Path of Exile uses only a small part of the required video memory, unloading some unnecessary resources prematurely. For the player, this becomes, for example, a short-term blur of the object image. Therefore, developers began to create a more appropriate way to manage video memory, which would use the entire volume to store all the accommodating resources. Therefore, players with medium or higher video cards will be less likely to experience resource unloading, which will greatly improve the situation. Users with more budget video cards will not suffer a crash and a sharp drop in frame rate due to lack of available video memory.

Grinding Gear Games is already preparing for this change in the next engine update, which is planned to be carried out before the release of patch 3.15 in July. But due to the current state of the game, they have accelerated the pace and will soon introduce improved technology. If you want to know more features, you can Buy POE Currency