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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So you got yourself a unique web-domain, you built a great website with for your service or with useful information and you have also spread the word and made awareness campaigns about your website, but you do not seem to be able to draw traffic to your website?

How can we help you to get the maximum results for your website, and get it to reach a wider audience?

We at Bitzean offer; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. What this essentially does is, create more content to be pushed online, which includes your business or your website information, written in a form of content followed by specific keywords that a person would generally search online. The more these specific words are inserted into your content, the more it will have chances to appear as a top result, when looked up on a search engine.
Another advantage it that SEO will continue to bring direct online traffic rather than paid online traffic.
So, if you join with us and give us your project, we can help you by taking the responsibility of bringing your product more visualizations and interactions online through SEO marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Your online based business or service, sometimes may require to be campaigned through social media.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the latest e-commerce marketing strategies which is rapidly growing and bringing optimum results to the marketers.

The Bitzean team, is capable to introduce your product through social media platforms such as; Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and through our very own social media base at Bitzean.

The advantage of using SMM to push your product, is that it allows you to use specific details and reach a target audience. SMM allows marketers to craft their messages to better suit the target audience, because social media users are easier to be categorized and it is also easier to directly communicate with them.

SMM marketing gives you the benefit of reaching a global and wider audience at once. Another benefit of using SMM is that you gain control of the measure of the success rate of the marketing campaigns by viewing analytical reports often created via Google Analytics to utmost accuracy, independently.

So why delay any further? Contact ua at and let us help you design the most suitable marketing plan for your growing business.

Digital Marketing

Mobile App Development

Every type of modern business, now needs to have their business running on mobile applications as well. Having a business equipped with modern technology, makes it a much accessible, faster and efficient business.

Bitzean is a leading team providing Mobile App Development solutions for your startup or existing business in Sri Lanka and worldwide.

We aim to develop and provide the best industry-specific mobile app solutions for your business needs, going on all levels from B-to-B, B-to-C to C-to-B.

We focus on providing; Native App Development, Cross Platform App Development and Hybrid App development all under one roof.

Mobile app development

Web Development

Bitzean team of Web Developers ensure to provide solutions and products which are satisfying to both you and your customers.

We deliver digital solutions by creating eye-catching and interactive websites in line with your industry-needs, which would make sure that a customer/web visitor, would re-visit your website and find interest in your products/services.

Bitzean focuses on making a great as well as lasting impression at first-viewing.

Our professional team, works towards meeting every details required by you, to highlight your business. We create our products with the customer/visitor in mind.

Bitzean keeps in mind the need for good quality work which would reflect in convincing a client, into investing or purchasing what you offer from your industry.

So if you are looking to boost awareness of your business, enterprise or corporate and need to build a website, then bring us your idea to Bitzean, and we will make it happen.

Web development

IoT & AI Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) aids in integrating all the devices used in your business, into one network, so that it improves efficiency of your business operations in a fast paced digital commercial system.

At Bitzean we provide plans to develop an IoT system to connect all your business devices into one common place by matching both hardware and software equipment accordingly.

Our team of professionals will bring you IT solutions to enable exchange of data both sending and receiving via all devices connected to the main personal network created for your business.

IoT & AI Development

Testing & QA

Bitzean not only does provide you all digital solutions to enhance your client-business relationship, Bitzean also does Testing and Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance and testing, ensures that a specific product meets the required service level. Our team at Bitzean will guarantee for smooth operation of our websites, mobile applications and software development through our constant scheduled Testing and Quality Assurance services.

So give your project to a trusted team like Bitzean, we will be there from inception of your business until it reaches success and beyond

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