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Reach out to millions of consumers in Sri Lanka and overseas through Bitzean. A platform created to advertise and market your products or to find and purchase what you are looking for, online.

Through Bitzean we provide you advertising options, such as Free Ads where you can post your advertisement for free and Featured Ads a paid advertisement which allows you to customize the details, enabling you to easily reach a specific target audience.

Featured Ads

Featured Ads is a paid advertising option, where you will be able to customize your advertisement and have control of the reach. These featured ads will be posted on Bitzean social media with customized features. And through this type of advertisement, you will be able to:

  • Boost your advertisement to reach a wider audience
  • Add criteria such as; location, age, gender, interests, behaviors etc. specifications

These features will help make your advertisement visible to a wider but specific audience of buyers and sellers as you need
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Top Ads

On Bitzean Ads, you also have the option to feature your advertisements at the top of our advertisements list, by promoting your advertisement as a Top Ad, would list your advertisement on top giving more prominence on the search list among related advertisements and bringing you more engagement.

What are the benefits of putting your advertisement as a Top Ad:
  • Top Ads are given higher priority on our advertising pages
  • These Top Ads will be bigger in resolution, highlighted and pinned on top of the page
  • Top Ads will have a higher level of visibility among other advertisements, therefore these will gain more attention and views
  • Top Ads will be featured on our advertising page for a period of 14 days, therefore it will be viewed by thousands of users of Bitzean for a longer period of time.
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: In addition to being an advertisement that will be placed on top of the advertising page, it will also appear in the list of Free Ads too.
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Daily Bump Up

The Daily Bump Up Ads are used to promote your advertisements by moving them to the top of the lists, daily for a duration of 14 days.
The Daily Bump Up will appear as a new advertisement every day, which will gain more attention and views than a regular advertisement

  • Daily Bump Up, will boost your sales because, they are pushed as a new advertisement once a day, without any extra payments and in turn increase engagement
  • When Free ads (regular ads) will go down the list when new ads are added, these Daily Bump Up Ads will stay on top every day for 14 days, as they will be always pushed on top and then go down on the list as new ads are included, and at every new Daily Bump Up, the Ad will be daily featured on top of the page

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On Bitzean Ads, we also provide the option of having a banner advertisements on our site.
You can post advertisements, of your products and even of your services such as; teaching (tuition), electricity/plumping services, mobile repairing services and many others on a Banner Ad where it will be featured across all of our Bitzean Ad, Bitzean Market, Bitzean Freelance and Bitzean Social Media pages. This will bring more highlight to your advertisement, and give you more value for your advertisement.
These Banners require eye-catching images because they are not only providing information to the interested buyers but you can also provide a preview of your products by adding high quality, attractive images.
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